Discover the World You Live In! Full of history, mystery, legends, where continents meet, the source of cultures and civilizations; we are full of unique beauties... Your goal is to travel, see, get to know; We are at your service with our expert staff, whether for accommodation-entertainment or hosting your guests. As Condor Travel; We have shown great sensitivity in the selection of domestic and international facilities, as it is about it, and we have prepared all the facilities to offer you the best opportunities by visiting them. Turkey's best hotels, resorts and boutique facilities are waiting to welcome you through Condor Travel. Hotel Reservations Airline Tickets Guidance Services City Tours Special Interest and Cultural Tours Sailing Gulet Charter Blue Cruises Day Trips






Excursions; Whoever decides to go on holiday in Turkey is guaranteed a relaxing beach holiday. If they then wish to see the country, its culture and people, they will have to leave the hotel and go on a journey of discovery. Turkey, with its varying landscapes and natural wonders which are also World Heritage sites, is one of the largest countries in Europe and has many reminders of its many-thousands-of-years-old cultural heritage set in stone. Our broad range of offers, which take guests into the most interesting regions of Turkey, caters for every taste. We work together with state-certified tour guides, who all have been in the field for many years, and consider many of them to be part of our own team. The modern buses make each of the diverse tours through the country's scenic and cultural highlights a memorable experience – whether you have booked a half-day trip or one lasting several days.



Blue Voyage; Crystal-clear water, pristine landscape, sun and the sea! The Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coast is an ideal travel destination for yachting or sailing trips. The mild climate, breezy winds and the most wonderful mooring points are the perfect ingredients for a pleasant time at sea. Tradition and modern design meet in the perfectly designed Turkish gulets, which set sail to bring visitors to the most beautiful towns and places of interest.
This is certainly a very different kind of Turkish holiday, away from the tourist centres and mostly on the high seas. The “Blue Cruise” has become one of the most popular types of holiday on the southern coast of Turkey, in a way a full-board sailing trip.
The team on board will spoil you with freshly prepared meals and will ensure that no wishes remain unfulfilled. All you have to do is lean back and go with the flow…



Golf Tourism; The Turkish Riviera has become something of a paradise for golfers all year round. No matter whether guests are looking for a beginners’ course or to improve their handicap, all levels can certainly be catered for. Since the first golf course was opened in 1998, more have sprung up and there are currently 11 courses meeting international standards, which offer enjoyment and challenges for all abilities. The greens and fairways look as if they have been trimmed with nail clippers. The breathtaking atmosphere provides the very inner balance that is so important for the “beautiful game”. It is simply perfect how the greens are embedded in the immaculate landscapes. One immediately feels at one with nature.



 Cruises; The world's best ships accompany you on a rich tour options from the Caribbean coast to the Norwegian fjords! Comfortable rooms, restaurants that offer world flavors, indoor and outdoor pools, fun activities on MSC Cruise ship tours! Don't miss the early booking periods for MSC Cruise Ship Tours, plan a trip that fits your budget!




M.I.C.E; The market in the tourist industry for meetings, incentives, conventions and events is growing at an ever increasing speed. There is more demand than ever before for tailor-made concepts to meet specific goals, motivation and incentives and the creation of amazing experiences and remarkable events.

You can offer your colleagues, potential clients or business partners all of this on one of our exclusive trips, tailor-made to match your requests. We will provide you with a choice selection of excursion programmes, adventure trips, culinary experiences and events of various kinds, all within a professional setting. The unique plethora of possibilities offered by our country and its rich infrastructure in this area means that the options are endless. We see it as our duty to provide you with first-class, exclusive and creative solutions.

Our greatest aim is to turn your proposal into reality!


An inspiring environment is one of the factors that guarantees the highest levels of productivity from a meeting. Even in today's modern business world - with emails, mobile marketing, Voice Over IP, Wireless LAN and teleconference calls - still nothing beats the atmosphere of a well-organised, face-to-face meeting. Communication is of prime importance, common-ground is much sought-after and key messages must be discovered and conveyed, the targets are ambitious. We provide you with the right ‘packaging’ in order to boost inspiration and to stimulate communication in the most comfortable atmosphere possible.


Every incentive trip has the same aim: creating positive memories that motivate! The more unusual and awe-inspiring the experiences were, the closer one comes to achieving this aim, and the longer the positive impact lasts. We offer a wide range of events and experiences, allowing us to fulfil these high demands. The diversity offered by our country, its culture and its leisure facilities is hard to beat. Well-planned programmes with amazing highlights are sure to be unforgettable. Adventures, discovery trips, competitions, pampering programmes - our range of offers includes just about everything.


We know for a fact that a conference can only be as good as the experts who are charged with running it. Its success depends on the organisation, the execution and above all the content of the conference. Is the technology correct, have security issues been considered, have the service providers been fully briefed, have procedures been rehearsed and have quality levels been checked? Is the schedule accurate, will the breaks provide sufficient variety and relief and do the meals meet the high standards expected? Is there an impressive social programme, which will ensure that participants gain a positive impression of their hosts? With our experts and experienced specialists from all the necessary fields, we are not only an excellent assistant but also a good advisor, full of innovative ideas, and a highly-talented organizer. We are happy to take many tasks off our customers' hands in order to ensure that the conference is as successful as possible.


Events must be exceptionally well-planned and must be run clearly right from the initial brainstorming and conception. The event must have a strong emotional and general impact on its target audience, and key-messages and themes should be placed at the forefront. We are in a position to develop and realise personalised and tailor-made ideas to fulfil high demands. Due to our extensive experience and ceaseless search for new ideas, we are able to create unusual and unique experiences, whether it be product demonstrations or business, cultural, gala, sport or TV events. With us every event is a real success!



Package Tours; Condor Travel offers tour operators and travel agents from throughout Europe a broad spectrum of incoming products across Turkey. We develop creative and innovative programmes to match every request and every budget. From individually tailored group trips, to standard or adventure tours at unbeatable prices in the winter half year, football camps for clubs with high expectations (even some clubs from the Bundesliga have booked with us…), fitness and VIP arrangements with imaginative incentives right up to executive trips, conferences and events - you can use our professional, multilingual incoming service.

Naturally, we also offer single products alongside our all-in-one products. Whether for individual travellers or groups, we procure hotels and flights either stand alone or as part of a package, and we ourselves organise transfers, excursions, tours, restaurant trips, tickets for events and much more.

We enjoy a close, trusting and long-term cooperation with many of our service partners. We would be happy to provide you with details of our extremely advantageous conditions of purchase. Whatever the interests of your group, we will support you in creating a suitable programme. We will help you to find that which makes Turkey so interesting and exciting: compelling adventures and centuries-old culture, genuine luxury and subtle simplicity, long beaches and imposing mountains, the love to pamper and the will to serve, pulsing cities and endless stretches of quiet. Many contrasts, but also much harmony. Turkey's historical side, which is carefully protected, but also it's very modern face, which is waiting to be discovered with curiosity and interest.

You can trust us – your customers will thank you for it! 



Spa / Health; In summer just as in winter, Turkey offers the ideal conditions for spa treatments and Thalasso therapy to help the body relax and regenerate from the stress of everyday life.

Immerse yourself in the world of healing waters and revitalising fragrances to harmonise your mental equilibrium. Be massaged with fine essential oils and feel your energy begin to flow with a session of Thalasso therapy. Expert teams have combined the "gifts of nature" with the newest scientific findings for you. Individually tailored treatments comprise the most modern technology under the supervision of specialist doctors, cosmeticians, physiotherapists, masseuses and fitness trainers. Discover the age-old wisdom of the harmony between body, mind and soul. Relax with a beauty treatment or in the comforting warmth of the Turkish bath.

Our wide variety of tailor-made spa programmes suit everyone's individual needs. Here it is only about pure relaxation and recuperation!


Experienced beauticians offer diverse cosmetic applications for him and her in the 5-star hotels and resorts. Effective treatments with well-known products, as well as classic cosmetics treatments, manicures and pedicures are on offer. Choose one of the cosmetic packages or let yourself be pampered by the competent and dedicated employees with an individual well-being programme.


In the mid-18th century Sultan Mehmet I built the first public bath house in Istanbul. The light and colours in Turkish baths give them a pleasant atmosphere. A Turkish bath normally comprises a hot room heated to temperatures of around 50 degrees Celsius, a warm room heated to approximately 40 degrees Celsius, as well as several cooling rooms. In addition to sweating and cooling-off, rounds of tea and massages are also part of the bathing ritual. The architecture of the sweating rooms is typified by slender columns and domed alcoves. The further in you go, the hotter it becomes. In the back room the aromatic steam is so dense that it resembles autumn mist over a lake. The blue-tiled main room, with its heated marble surfaces, has a more bustling atmosphere. Here you dedicate yourself to scrubbing and washing, something that is best repeated several times. Experienced hammam-goers scrub one another's backs with gloves made from sisal. After spending two or three hours in the hammam, everyday life seems far away and visitors are filled with comforting warmth and inner peace. Today the Turkish bath has become an important feature of modern spa offerings – both extremely healthy and enjoyable. Sauna, foam massages, exfoliating scrubs and oil massages are all included in our offers.


Massage acts upon the skin and the underlying tissues. Various techniques such as sweeping, rubbing, kneading, knocking, chopping, slapping or shaking are used. Tools such as brushes are also used. It helps with back pain, high blood pressure and emotional stress. The client will be placed in a pleasant regenerative state of relaxation, the nervous system will be soothed, and chronic pain and tensions will be appeased.


The term “thalasso” has Greek origins and means: therapeutic treatment with the sea. The water pressure created through the harmonisation of water and jet streams in original Thalasso bath tubs will lightly but effectively stimulate the muscles. This salt-water treatment is also a healthy purification method. Excess waste is discarded due to the warmth of the water. The skin pores open, so that the salt water, containing important micronutrients such as iron, cobalt and calcium, can penetrate the body. The iodine content of the algae, which is administered through baths and wrappings, activate the glandular functions, thus regulating the metabolism. The complimentary effects of saltwater and algae allow the slimming component of balneotherapy to be strengthened without affecting the balance of minerals.



Wedding Planner; Happy wedding day The magic of the sea, the pure texture of nature and the peace of the Aegean are now under one roof! Decorate your most special day with unforgettable memories

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