Oludeniz, Fethiye, Mugla province. Oludeniz beach is one of the most beautiful in the world in 2006 by eighty-two percent of the beach were chosen [1].Town, tourism is quite developed. Likyalılarda the land of light and Sun, in the middle ages, is recognized as a "Realm", located in the Southwest Anatolia Teke Peninsula is located in. Turkey is one of the Lagoon (lagoon) in carriers.Dead Sea, such as the name of a lake. The waves off the coast of boğuşurken the most tumultuous days of Belceğiz, Oludeniz (fethiye) occurs only in çırpıntılar.But still seem on the dead sea, which is visible for three days so self improvement. The first of these is present in the dead sea intensive spring water outlets, there is a discharge from the açıkdenize right. Secondly, this is due to the difference in source waters inside and out with salt creates a continuous circulation of açıkdenizden. Third is the impact of two to three a day come-go a sea rises and descends on average half a meter. This also provides a large amount of sea water input and output.Both the land and the sea, as well as the hamlet of airlines can be reached. Antalya, İzmir, Ankara, İstanbul, as is done in the Fethiye district centres on a regular bus service. Dalaman Airport is an hour away from the hamlet. Fethiye-Oludeniz 14 km. There are fewer opportunities for regular transportation from the hamlet of Fethiye.Since a lot of qualified hotel, pension, and camping is available on site. All kinds of sea sports, mountain climbing, hiking and whitewater rafting can be done making safari, since facilities from Babadağ with 2000 meters "Paragliding" are jumping at the opportunity.

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