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Izmir, the third largest metropolis of Turkey and the center of fairs and congresses, is a modern port city integrated with trade and industry. To the west of Izmir stretches the Cesme Peninsula with its colorful sea, beaches and thermal centers. Ephesus, one of the most famous cities of antiquity, was one of the largest cities in the world during the Roman Imperial Dec. Ephesus, which embodies the riches of all Ionian culture, was also making its name with intense artistic activities. Izmir is located at the beginning of a long and narrow bay surrounded by yachts and ships. It has a mild climate, and in summer a fresh coolness from the sea takes away the warmth of the sun. Along the coast there are palm trees and wide avenues. Izmir Port is the second largest port after Istanbul. Izmir, a lively and cosmopolitan city, also occupies an important place with International Art Festivals and the Izmir International Fair.

Area: 12.012 km2

Population: 3,500,000 (2005)

Altitude: 25m

License Plate Code: 35

Postal Code: 35XXX

Districts of Izmir:

• Aliağa • Buca • Karşıyaka • Meander • Dashes

• Menemen • Çeşme • Kemalpaşa • Menemen * Torbalı

• Pergamum • Sewn • Cynical • Paid • Urla

• Beydağ • Foca • Cherry • Seferihisar

• Bornova • Karaburun • Host • Selçuk

CLIMATE: In general, the Coastal Aegean subtype of the Mediterranean climate is observed in Izmir. That is, the summers are at the same temperature and drier than the Mediterranean coastline, the winters are warm and less rainy than the Western Mediterranean. Snowfall is the rarest type of precipitation in Izmir province. However, snow cover is observed in winter in the mountains surrounding the province. The humidity seen in every season in Izmir causes the air temperature to feel overwhelming in summer and freezing in winter.

LAKES: There is no large lake in Izmir province. Among the most important of the existing ones, the main ones can be considered as Gölcük, Belevi Lake, Çakalboğazı Lakes and Karagölü.

STREAMS: The Küçük Menderes River is located in the lower part of the Gediz River, which is one of the important streams of the Aegean Region in Izmir province. Others are flood waters.

HIGHLANDS: Izmir-Ödemiş (Gölcük, Bozdağ) (One of the Highland Places Used for Holiday and Recreation Purposes)

Izmir (Kozak) (One of the Highland Places Used for Both Holiday and Livestock Purposes)

The flora of maki dominates in our province under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. This flora includes drought-resistant trees such as juniper, wild olive, hedlenbik, gum and mullein. Makis, 600 m from the sea. it grows to a height of. Most of the mountainous areas are forested. Forests cover an area of 490,692 hectares within the province. Olive groves and vineyards, which are one of the cultural plants, cover a large area.

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