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On the one hand, İkiçeşmelik Mah. S.Demirel Blv. No.21/B - 6 Kuşadası AYDIN ​​address, CONDOR TRAVEL TOURISM TRAVEL AGENCY (hereinafter referred to as AGENT), on the other hand, ......... residing at ............................................. ..................... (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) have fully agreed on the following matters.


Hereby this contract, the Customer, through the AGENT; It includes the authorized reservation on behalf of all persons involved in the purchase of products/services within the framework of the conditions described below.


Payments are made by cash, money order, Eft or Credit card. The full amount of the reservation must be paid at the time of registration. The total amount is invoiced to the consumer. The agency reserves the right to change the early booking dates if it deems necessary.


Contract price is .................................. TL (including VAT). This price includes all services included in the price in the brochures attached to this contract. Tours and services other than these are subject to an extra fee. Price changes related to duties, fees and similar public payments and fees, such as port and airport landing taxes, which must be collected from tourists according to the legislation of the destination countries, are reflected to the consumer. Regarding the reflected price, the consumer can withdraw from the contract without paying any compensation after the notification made to him before the package tour, make a substitute contract for an equivalent package tour or accept an additional contract stating the changes made and the effect on the price. If the consumer refrains from signing the additional contract presented to him, it is considered to have withdrawn from the contract. In this case, the tour fee paid will be returned to him within 10 days.


Provided as stated in the Tour Program. The consumer comes to the place where he will start the package tour with his own means. The consumer's purchase of services other than the services included in the package tour from the Agency does not include this service in the package tour.


Force majeure in the laws, situations that occur due to extraordinary and unpredictable events despite all due diligence and prevent the start, continuation or termination of the package tour, situations where the Agency has no influence on the event are considered force majeure for the AGENCY. In cases where force majeure exists, the AGENT may cancel, change and postpone the package tour. The AGENT cannot be held responsible for any changes or delays that may arise from these. In this case, the consumer has no right to compensation. For the consumer or their first degree relatives; Force majeure in the laws, severe accident that prevents the consumer from fulfilling any of the provisions of the package tour contract, serious illness requiring treatment, death cases are considered force majeure for the CONSUMER. The consumer has to prove the existence of force majeure with a valid document to be obtained from official institutions. The Agency undertakes that in these cases, which are considered force majeure for the Consumer, the remaining balance will be returned to the consumer after deducting the official fees and taxes and essential expenses. Consumers have the right to apply to the insurance company in line with force majeure among the insurances within the scope of travel insurance.

7.4. If the agency does not inform in writing that the consumer will participate in the trip that he missed, he has the right to cancel all reservations made on behalf of the consumer 24 hours after the start of the trip. No refund will be made to the consumer for such cancellations.


The consumer who participates in the tour can carry a suitcase not larger than 50cm x 70cm for all kinds of trips, and 20 kg for airplane travels. have the right to take and bring luggage. This rule changes on transatlantic flights and some airlines. Up-to-date baggage information is available in the promotional brochure. Money, valuable papers and similar valuable jewelry should not be kept in the luggage. The agency cannot be held responsible for valuables in lost baggage.


The scope of coverage for incomplete or defective performance, damage, loss and loss of consumers who purchase travel insurance service or is included in the travel insurance travel package is determined by the policy of the insurance company that provides this service. The agency does not bear any responsibility for the content, scope or application of these guarantees.

9.2. In the event that the consumer leaves the tour on the grounds that the service is defective, he must notify the agency official and the hotel where he is staying in writing, along with the reasons, that he has left the tour. Otherwise, the consumer is deemed to have abandoned the tour and is deemed to have received and used the service.

9.3. The consumer declares that he has read and learned all the services and qualifications offered within the scope of the package tour, which is the subject of the contract, and all the preliminary information about the sales price and payment method and the performance, and that he has been informed by reading the contents and articles of the package tour contract in an explanatory way. It is the duty of care of the well-intentioned consumer to notify the consumer about the issues they complain about in writing during the performance of the service.

9.4. The consumer(s) who do not sign the contract but participate in the trip subject to the contract, and the consumer(s) they have assigned to register on their behalf, are deemed to have read and accepted this contract. Despite this, the consumer(s) who participated in the trip on the grounds that they did not personally sign the contract, lawsuits and proceedings against the agency and related to the trip they participated in, and in case the agency has to pay the consumer a price or compensation other than the ones written in this contract, the consumer(s) who signed the contract The right of recourse is reserved for the excess amount paid to . Even if the consumers participating in this trip have not signed, they have learned the terms of this contract, which will be valid between the parties, due to the promotional brochure, catalog and advertisements, and they have committed to participate in the trip under the terms of this contract.

9.5. This Agreement, which has been prepared in two copies between the parties, has been read, checked and accepted by the authorities of the parties together with the Registration Form and Payment Form. The parties have accepted and confirmed their mutually accepted commitments and acquisitions by signing them together. He also accepts and undertakes that all legal responsibility belongs to the persons who will participate in the trip and have signed by proxy on behalf of the Consumers whose names are written in this contract, on behalf of the party accepting this contract.

9.6. Without making an additional contract, additional changes, corrections or additions in the package tour contracts available to the consumer will be valid, provided that they are signed by the agency official.

9.7. In case of Cancellation of the Contract, if a Consumer who participates in the trip to stay in double rooms and makes a prepayment cancels the trip within any period (the cancellation period is not important) In cases where the Consumer has the right to return; If the second Consumer who will stay in the room does not accept the "single room" (single) difference, the single room difference will be deducted from the refund amount.

9.8. The consumer is obliged to determine the minimum health and condition required for the tour to be registered. If the consumer purchases a tour that is not suitable for his/her own health condition, the Agency shall not be liable for any loss of rights in case of cancellation of the tour. The consumer is responsible for evaluating the suitability of the tour to be registered for their health and condition. For this purpose, it may request all kinds of written and verbal information from the Agency. The Consumer, who has any health problems, is obliged to consult their doctor before registering for the tour and obtain approval and notify this situation to the Agency before registration. Depending on the type of discomfort, the Agency reserves the right to accept the Consumer on the tour requested or not.


10.1. If the customer does not accept the travel health insurance conditions provided by the AGENT, the customer has the right to take out another insurance policy. However, in this case, the customer cannot request a refund of the travel insurance provided by the Agency. This contract has been prepared together on behalf of myself and the persons whose names are written on the Tour Reservation Coupon, the final version has been read, accepted and approved by me and a copy has been delivered to me with all its attachments. It has been declared to me that I can have optional travel insurance related to the package tour. This statement is also valid if my reservation procedures were carried out and signed by someone else on my behalf. 1618 SY, 4077 SY, 4288 SY, 2634 SY, IATA, IHA, UFTAA Convention provisions, Civil Aviation Law, UK, TTK, international conventions including Turkey and related statutes, regulations, circulars on matters not written in this contract. and communiqués and the provisions of the internationally accepted Frankfurter Tabelle's Türsab Kütahya Schedule applied in Turkey will be applied. Before the signing of this contract, I was informed in writing about the following issues.

a) The name, address and telephone number of the local representative of the travel agency and, in the absence of these, the name, address and telephone number of the local contact point to which the consumer can apply in case of difficulties,

b) The time, location and transportation connections of the intermediate stops, if any, and the characteristics of the transportation vehicle to be used by the passenger,

c) Information that will provide direct contact with the consumer or the place where the consumer stays, in case the minors travel abroad or stay abroad,

d) Information regarding the conclusion of an optional insurance contract that will cover the costs of cancellation by the consumer or the costs of assistance, including repatriation in case of accident or illness.

I READ THE AGREEMENT on behalf of the consumer and those accompanying him. I have read and understood and accepted each copy of the 4-page contract, Tour Reservation Coupon, package tour brochure and insurance policy issued on our behalf. The Tour Reservation Coupon is an integral part of the contract. All package tours, ................................................. It is under the guarantee of the Compulsory Package Tour policy.

Please scan this contract after signing and send it in PDF format to our e-mail address info@condortravel.com.tr.


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Nowruz 1402 / 2023

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