Blue Cruise

Crystal-clear water, pristine landscape, sun and the sea! The Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coast is an ideal travel destination for yachting or sailing trips. The mild climate, breezy winds and the most wonderful mooring points are the perfect ingredients for a pleasant time at sea. Tradition and modern design meet in the perfectly designed Turkish gulets, which set sail to bring visitors to the most beautiful towns and places of interest.

This is certainly a very different kind of Turkish holiday, away from the tourist centres and mostly on the high seas. The “Blue Cruise” has become one of the most popular types of holiday on the southern coast of Turkey, in a way a full-board sailing trip.

The team on board will spoil you with freshly prepared meals and will ensure that no wishes remain unfulfilled. All you have to do is lean back and go with the flow…

Nowruz 1402 / 2023

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